Top Three Canadian Female Musicians

For a country of only 38 million people, Canada continues to punch way above its weight when it comes to its musical contributions. While the Great White North packs a lot of homegrown talent, this post only covers the best of the best. The following is a list of the top-three Canadian female musicians in recent history.

Avril Lavigne

When you were busy doing your homework in high school, this talented young lady was writing songs. She always had it in her, and it all paid off in the end.

At the tender age of 16, this brilliant singer-songwriter was signed by Arista Records. She introduced a grungy pop-rock fusion known for its rebellious style, which made her popular among teenagers all over the world.

Eventually, Avril attracted the attention of Peter Zizzo, an American singer-songwriter, and that’s how she ended up in the US. During a stay in New York, Lavigne released her debut album, ‘Let Go,’ which established her as a promising up-and-coming musician. The rest is history.

Shania Twain

This award-winning singer-songwriter wasn’t always called Shania Twain. Her original name was Eileen Regina Edwards, which she had to change in order to win a recording deal with Polygram Records. That’s how she went from singing in Las Vegas-style shows to releasing her first album, ‘Shania Twain.’

Joni Mitchel

Joni is another female musician that worked her way up from singing in nightclubs and for radio stations. Just before her big break, she began touring the country after releasing her debut album, ‘Song to a Seagull.’ The album didn’t enjoy much commercial success, but it paved the way for her subsequent album, ‘Blue,’ which launched her to stardom.

Today, Joni is best known for her subsequent hits, which include ‘Both Sides Now’ and ‘Big Yellow Taxi.’ She remains one of Canada’s most beloved female musicians.