Four Most Beautiful Female Singers of 2020

Music was supposed to be voice-only media, but that has changed. Nobody can dare release a song would without making a killer video for it. It just feels wrong.

So, why bring up this beauty issue?

For starters, looks do matter. Some female artists are more appreciated because they can set a stage on fire. And that is a plus in the stardom arena.

Taylor Swift

Tylor is arguably the most attractive singer in 2020. She has even reported that fans send her prayers, hoping she is god.

Jokes aside, this 30-year-old singer has almond-shaped eyes, blond hair, and white skin that match perfectly. But that’s not the reason she is so successful. Swift is also an award-winning musician.

Katy Perry

Katy is an American singer with deep green eyes and a breathtaking smile. Besides her beautiful looks, this artist released timeless songs such as “Firework” and “Teenage Dreams.” And she recently got media attention for the “Left Shark” incident at the Super XLIX halftime show.

Besides singing, Katy also acts, writes songs, and is an ambassador of the British Asian Trust.

Avril Lavigne

Avril is a real beauty. A cute face, a big heart, and an excellent dressing sense are some of the things that make this blondie a real gem. She is actively involved in various charities, along with a clothing and perfume line. So her sharp eyes and luscious looking lips are not the only things that won her a spot on this list.


This 38-year-old woman has got it all, a nice bottle-shaped body, killer smile, and a beautiful voice. She rose to fame in the late 90s as the lead singer of Destiny Child. And she has sold over 100 million copies as a solo artist. Beyonce might be growing old, but she still has her perfect body, which we all wish for.

There you have it, the most beautiful female artists in 2020.