Celebrating Female Musicians

Welcome to The Lucky Sisters. This blog is all about women who, despite the odds, have made names for themselves in the music industry. You can think of this blog as your own little corner of the internet that celebrates female talent.

It’s about time someone appreciated the extra work that women have had to do to break into this extremely competitive industry. While this may have changed in recent years, it is still essential to recognize their efforts and struggles.

Topics Covered in this Blog

Top three female musicians in Canada: A lot of talented female artists have come and gone in the Great White North, but only a few have left a lasting impression. This blog considers the number of awards artists have received, along with other things they have done with their stardom. Feel free to check out our list inside.

Women who rock: Only a handful of female musicians have dared to break into the rock-and-roll niche. But when they do, it’s often worth writing home about. Take Patti Smith as a perfect example. She took a significant risk mixing poetry and rock music. And look how it turned out! Check out this section for more information on this exciting topic.

Top albums by female artists: Dropping a hit single is one thing, but releasing a hot album is something else entirely. This blog celebrates the most significant albums released by female musicians in recent decades, including a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Top female artists of the 1990s: This blog would not be complete without mentioning the women who have fought hard for the industry. They are responsible for normalizing the idea of female musicians, and today everyone can enjoy the fruits of their struggle. Feel free to stick around for more on this topic.